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Your own “BESPOKE” Care Plan

Integrative Medicine For Prostate Cancer Patients

About KanceRx

KanceRx is an integrative medicine practice offering an extraordinary patient experience. Utilizing a hands-on approach, we tailor care plans based on biosocial needs to prioritize health and support a continuous healing relationship.


Experience healthcare the way it was meant to be, with benefits that go far beyond typical primary care including same-day appointments, limited-to-no wait time at office appointments, and telehealth options. 


Benefit from individualized attention and a wellness plan based on your unique biosocial needs to support the prevention or management of chronic health problems so that you can live a healthier, fuller life.


Gain direct access to your provider 24/7 through our patient portal and KanceRx mobile app. No answering services or call centers, just a direct line of communication with the doctor and dedicated support staff. 


Meet Dr. ET

Sukumar Ethirajan, MD (‘Dr. ET’ as he is known by his patients) is a board-certified community cancer doctor who has established himself over the past three decades as both a passionate and compassionate independent community oncologist. Widely known for his work in genetics, cancer prevention, risk assessment, personalized care, and his altruistic nature, he launched his integrative medicine practice to focus on expanding services offered to his patients, ensuring more personalized care, and continuing to help the underserved in the community.

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KanceRx founder Sukumar Ethirajan, MD
Concierge Medicine

Integrative Medicine

How it works

Integrative medicine combines conventional treatments with complementary therapies and lifestyle changes to support the prevention and treatment of disease with the primary goal of healing the whole person.  By incorporating the patient's unique biosocial needs, this evidence-based approach is designed to optimize care plans with the aim of improving the patient's health, wellness, and overall quality of life.

Medical patient consoled by Dr at appointment
Medical patient reviewing imaging results with doctor

Why it's different

Integrative Medicine is a more hands-on, collaborative approach to care and requires an in-depth knowledge of the many external factors impacting a patient. By recognizing these critical elements that are not typically accounted for in traditional medicine, the physician can best coordinate care and design a plan of actionable steps to provide more comprehensive care, better access to healthcare, more personalized attention, and an unprecedented level of connectivity between providers and patients.

Integrating Holistic Care

Patients deal with complex physical, psychological, social, spiritual, and financial issues that can adversely affect their ability to carry out everyday activities. Holistic care aims to provide personalized care plans based on an in-depth understanding of the patient's various needs for care and with the primary goal of improving a patient's satisfaction with their wellness plan. By helping patients to accept and assume self-responsibility, we gain a better understanding of the effects of illnesses on patients' responses and their true needs.

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Improving Patient Care

Integrative medicine utilizes the holistic model and is an innovation that has created a healing environment while being the impetus for a paradigm shift that has significantly impacted care plans for prostate cancer patients. The principles of resilience, presence, integrative therapies, and compassionate care have all contributed to the change.

Patient Portal/

Patient Portal

Patient Resources

The KanceRx Mobile App For iOS

An easy-to-use, invaluable tool that enhances patient care by providing an unprecedented level of connectivity to the doctor while giving patients the option to submit valuable data to improve diagnoses to better inform treatment plans.

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Available For Download 

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Download the app from The App Store on your mobile iOS device.

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Register & verify your account with your mobile phone number.

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Access a secure direct line of communication with your provider 24/7 via the app's messaging tool.

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Utilize the advanced FAQ 

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An optional brief daily survey quickly and easily gathers basic information 

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Contact Us

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