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  • 1st Visit – Risk stratification (disease stage, pathology review, performance status, bio-psychosocial needs, expectations & covered services)

  • “Cancer Year” Care & Cost Projection

  • Clinical Trials Co-ordination

  • 2nd Opinions 

  • Shared Visits For Patients & Families

  • Telehealth

  • Out-of-Pocket Expense Management

  • Home Visits 

Risk Stratification

Existing Prognostic Tools & Challenges

Prostate Cancer Prognostic tools & challenges

Various tissue-based molecular biomarkers have attempted to fill this unmet need, but most lack prospective randomized trial validation.

The advantages of AI tools utilizing digital histopathology are:

  • Performance: prognostic and predictive of treatment response

  • Short turnaround time: seconds of cloud computing

  • Robustness: tool is developed from thousands of patients

  • Widespread adoption: no consumption of tumor tissue

AI in digital histopathology visual graphic

Train & validate prognostic biomarkers in localized prostate cancer using five phase III randomized trials, by leveraging multi-modal deep learning on digital histopathology. 

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